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InPartnership was founded in 1995 by Michael Bell, an African American/Cherokee and Mercedes Martin, a bi-lingual Afro-Cuban. Mercedes and Michael bring to the firm over 40 years combined training and consulting experience and a wealth of expertise in creating effective change in organizations of various structures and sizes.

InPartnership programs focus on organizational and individual awareness and give learners the opportunity to change fundamental behaviors in the workplace. Our efforts teach learners not only to recognize and appreciate cultural differences but to leverage the talents and skills of all staff in support of the organization’s mission. We combine building awareness with practical skills training to take account of the changing demographics of our society and workplaces. We consider the role of individuals, teams and the organization in implementing a successful cultural competence effort consistent with bottom-line business goals.

Our approach is based on organizational change and incorporates practical skills associated with thriving in a diverse workplace. InPartnership's consultants produce customized programs which provide everyone with the tools and skills to work together effectively.