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Michael Bell
InPartnership Co CEO/President

Michael Bell, co founder, president and CEO of InPartnership Consulting Inc., is an acclaimed leader in the fields of organizational development and strategic planning. A systems thinker, he is an expert in assisting organizations in understanding their cultures and their need for transformational learning. Michael designs state-of-the-art training, leadership development programs and conference presentations and serves as an international consultant and executive coach. He has special expertise in organizational assessment, teambuilding and mentoring programs.

In his executive coaching and consulting, Michael assists leaders in leveraging their strengths and resources, creating new opportunities for their own personal and professional development as well as for their staff and organization. His approach balances challenge with support and is coupled with resources to enable his clients to effectively engage others in change and growth. He specializes in working with executives charged with leading and implementing change initiatives.

As a nationally recognized expert and keynote speaker on establishing and re-energizing effective diversity councils, Michael aligns the work of councils with key business goals and provides measurements so diversity councils can demonstrate their vital contribution to the entire organization.

Michael’s work in strategic planning processes has included revising products and services offered by the financial services division for Utah’s largest bank. This effort coincided with a change in senior leadership, the goal of which was to position the organization for continued financial competitiveness.

To contribute to leadership development in the non-profit sector, Michael serves as a faculty member for the Rockwood Leadership Program—a group that has convened to teach leaders of progressive non-profits how to powerfully align and inspire themselves and other toward common goals and high quality results.

Together with Mercedes Martin, Michael was responsible for the published research “Best Practices for Corporate Mentoring Programs.” Mercedes and Michael have also designed mentoring programs for Fortune 100 companies that are helping to build the next generation of leaders for these organizations.

A graduate of Cornell University, Michael is a core member of two national think tanks, Fetzer Institute’s “Healing the Heart of Diversity” and the “Bohmian Dialogue Research Group.” His doctoral studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies (“CIIS”) were in cross-cultural communication with a focus on “Adult Learning and Change.” Michael is also an advanced facilitator in the conflict resolution model of Powerful Non-Defensive Communication (PNDC).

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