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At InPartnership Consulting, we are guided by the philosophy that organizations in the 21st Century thrive when:

  • Organizations plan for change and deliberately and strategically develop their cultural competence;

  • Policies and practices are flexible, nurture differences and promote the advancement of all people who contribute to the organization

  • Leaders understand how to motivate, manage and enroll everyone in their workplace;

  • All managers are held accountable for valuing and managing diversity; and

  • Employees are aware of cultural issues and learn how to value everyone.

Our philosophy is grounded in our experience as business professionals and our educational backgrounds in systems thinking, cultural diversity training, and transformative and inquiry learning theories. We attempt to promote successful, generative relationships in organizations by understanding clearly what individuals in any system need to learn and thrive. We emphasize critical self-reflection and strategic questioning as tools for learning and transformation and we believe that when every individual and her or his insights are valued, any organization can flourish from the resulting creative energy.