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Organizational Assessments are the first step in enabling organizations to incorporate equity and inclusion as a core competence. Determining an organization's climate involves three levels of analysis: the individual (employee), the group (departments, units, program areas), and the overall organization. By strategically focusing on the current organizational climate toward equity and inclusion, organizational assessments identify what needs to change within an organization.

The InPartnership Organizational Effectiveness Framework

Our organizational assessment process is guided by the InPartnership Organizational Effectiveness Framework. The framework (illustrated below) is based on 40-plus years of combined experience in the fields of organizational development, human resources and capacity building to support diversity and equity practice.  By integrating the work of Cox (1994), Schneider and Associates (1996), Gibb (1979), and Schauber (1999), we have designed a framework that allows us to assess an organization’s climate and effectiveness.

This framework describes the dynamic interplay between an organization’s climate, culture, performance, and ultimate effectiveness. By focusing on these four elements, InPartnership organizational assessments lead to recommendations and identification of potential partnerships and resources for addressing equity as a key factor for organizational effectiveness.