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The increasing cultural diversity of today’s workforce and marketplace represents an unparalleled set of challenges and opportunities for leaders and team members. The demand for increased commitment, innovation, and productivity in today’s global economy is undeniably a mandate for leaders:  One can tap into the tremendous resource of a global workforce or get left behind by the companies that do.

Our Cultural Competence programs help individuals, groups, and organizations develop the awareness, knowledge, and skills to thrive in a global workplace. We offer programs that develop cultural competence within organizational functions, workplace skills, and specific cultures. As with all InPartnership programs, our Cultural Competence programs begin with an assessment process that allows for a custom-designed program that uses a variety of learning technologies and meets the exact needs of the organization.

Cultural Competence in Specific Organizational Functions

  • Recruitment and Effective Retention Strategies
  • Development & Facilitation of Affinity Groups
  • Diversity Council Facilitation
  • Integrated Mentoring Programs
  • Leadership & Management Training to Develop Cultural Competence
  • Cross-cultural Relationship-Building-Skills in Sales

Cultural Competence in Workplace Skills

  • Cultural Awareness
  • Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution
  • Powerful Non-Defensive Communication
General Cultural Competence Across:
  • National Cultures
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Class
  • Age/Generations
  • Physical ability
  • Other life experiences